2. lambchopbaby:

    Been undergarment shoppin

    this didnt reach its full potential first time ‘round

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  3. got my What Katie Did garter belt in the mail…very happy

  4. vintagegal:

    Elizabeth Taylor in Conspirator (1949)

  5. Second time seeing Gatsby so I had some naps in the cinema.

  6. she-digs-rocknroll:

    Love this so much

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  9. bectarine said: Your red dress is awesome on you. Where did you found it ? Reeaallyy great look

    Thankyou!!! It is from pinupgirlclothing.com. I think the name of the dress is ‘Christina’. It comes in other colours too!


  10. a-cubed said: Just wanted to say - you're absolutely gorgeous - my curves have been very inspired by your outfits <3

    oh wow, thankyou so so much. Curves rule